Снятие заднего бампера на ленд ровер дискавери - смотреть онлайн

Снятие заднего бампера на ленд ровер дискавери
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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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James Stockbauer #
: 0
DIY Fix, there is a three dollar seal on the compressor piston you can replace yourself if the DC motor is OK. Or you can spend over a grand. They sell these on ebay and watch the video. Boom!
Carlos Calderon #
: 0
can you explain what are steps needed to change the air resevoir on this vehicle?
joe glvn #
: 0
I have lr3 2005and I note is leeking water I do not know where from please help!!!!
Arik Karp #
: 0
Jim, great video, thanks, your CV system is in danger.. No spare parts for that
TheDickman79 #
: 0
So I jacked up under the compressor and broke the bracket. compressor is vibrating now. Am I able to order just the bracket? it looks like it is a cast material. Could the crack be welded?? I would appreciate your feed back. thanks
Emmanuel Sesay #
: 0
Hi. I have a range rover sport and I made that mistake I jack my car were the compressor is now the comprosser makes a noise when I start the car. What exactly doI need to change the pump or the whole compressor system Thanks
AMDX1325 #
: 0
So rusty!
Christopher Beck #
: 0

I saw your video on Differential And Transfer Case Service On LR3 Or LR4 ( />
I can not find anywhere what the right amount of oil is for a Range Rover Sport TDV8 from 2007 - could you help with that information? Thank you
john donovan #
: 0
oh god the rust!
tarek osman #
: 0
great video thank you very much
grunt12000 #
: 0
Thanks. Now I have a pretty good idea they botched the last oil filter install. Excess oil on crash plate drivers side front of plate. 
Didier MOULIN #
: 0
Hi, it seams that I have a paper oil filter? where is it ? is it at the same place as the one you show on your tour? Do I need to purchase a specific tool to change the paper oil filter? best regards Didier
mossie1962 #
: 0
I for one wont be relying on Atlantic British to service my rear brakes! - the emergency - or park brake shoes are NOT inside the rear calipers - they are actually inside the rear 'Top Hat' type rear brake discs or rotors! AND, furthermore have to be set up correctly or the actuator module can be damaged beyond economical repair when carrying out scheduled periodic adjustment.....
osdama #
: 0
As always Jimmy with your clear and useful explanations, very informative, thanks 
J croker #
: 0
what is a common mod in the UK for the skid plate is drill it will a hole saw right under the drain plug so in future no need to remove the skid plate..
RichiLew1 #
: 0
Great video, very informative, thanks! 
alexander1485 #
: 0
he should be saying "trucks" and not "cars"
ruuman #
: 0
Good video, that really doesn't look that bad to work on for a modern truck.
444rotrax #
: 0
Coils installed eh...
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