PLAYING VIDEO on RCD 330+ (6RD035187B) - смотреть онлайн

Оказывается это возможно! It turns out that it is possible! Resulta que se puede! Evenit potes! 事实证明,你可以! Video playing through the Apple CarPlay via AirPlay function. NoName version 6rd035187B Can buy here:
PLAYING VIDEO on RCD 330+ (6RD035187B)
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TaengMo #
: 0
Me Too!!!
Step by Step..How to do it in next video?
rcd330plus and your iphone how to connect [tomorrow made new vdo again]
all RCD330plus member still waitting!!!!
Mr.Meng! 6784 #
: 0
WOW...I Like!!!!
How to connect?
next vdo ..Can you show how to do it!!!!?
Kwanthoon #
: 0
You Play Video by Apple CarPlay Or MirrorLink?
No Name Version Or Desay Version?
Where I Can buy?
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