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Fred MacMurray (Double Indemnity) and Errol Flynn (The Adventures of Robin Hood) star in this exciting action/adventure about a crusading scientist who fights to prevent bomber pilots from blacking out. Co-starring Emmy-nominee Alexis Smith (Tough Guys). Directed by Oscar-winner Michael Curtiz (Casablanca, Yankee Doodle Dandy). Well-made, with great flying sequences. This film was released just months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
Dive Bomber
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За ролик пока что никто не голосовал...

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Conor Keogh #
: 0
God they can cram America into anything can't they
ricky mop #
: 0
blah blah blah...only the comunist red army who able to stab to heart of capitalist
Joseph La Bianco #
: 0
I don't believe in the Germans cause by any means , but the stuka is my favorite WW11 plane , along with the P-40 or P-40 warhawk and P-51 mustang to mention a few ...
Dragon bb #
: 0
what would happen if ww1 had modern day weapons
Anderson Bastos #
: 0
Genocides.....war crime.
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0:25 Listen to this man make common sense sound elaborate
FR #
: 0
Now the americans lie and claim it was they who invented dive bombers. As usual, lies from USA. It was the germans who used it first! The US army was boy scouts compared to the germans in 1939. Not a word about the german bomb sight, strange......
1Johan3 #
: 0
The Allies bombed civilians intentionally. Cities were wiped out even if they had no Axis military in them.
Seth pelepchuk #
: 0
Dunkirk brought me here
Insert Coins To Continue #
: 0
dive-bombing was most certainly not developed by the united states navy, what a load of bullshit.
Christian Han #
: 0
They dont mension how many innocent german civilians were killed by the RAF, and thats why in germany most cities are new
jamesgjt #
: 0
why they fit a siren to a bomber to let ppl know they are dive bombing??? they try to warn civilian to hide???
: 0
allways with the necular bomb////it was an atomic bomb!
Joetatoe Productions #
: 0
I thought the Germans were the first to use divebombers?
MCmasterMiner_ 7777 #
: 0
i think that the jericho siren in stuka dive bombers is to alarm soldiers
Herr Schwartz08 #
: 0
Die scheiß Ammis mit ihren Terrorbombenangriffen.
: 0
tornandfrail #
: 0
they have just blown up one of these bombs at a bay near me, how insane that there's been a bomb there unexploded for all this time! history amazes me x
simehong2000 #
: 0
0:25 Look this guy eyes ..look like need more sleep for him..lol
Ralph Bernhard #
: 0
First German trails took place with the Junkers K-47.
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