Yamaha XVS1300 Cobra 2275 Slip-On Exhaust UK - смотреть онлайн

In this video I install my new Cobra slip-on exhaust to my brand new XVS1300. On the first test ride, I can confirm that this is very loud and give a few pops and some crackle...
Yamaha XVS1300 Cobra 2275 Slip-On Exhaust UK
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Wim Matthijssens #
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Love that slip-on... got the same one, pops and backfires a lot in high revs even with K&N airfilter but sounds great
Gaspard Henry #
: 0
thousand evidence district indian.
ThePurple59 #
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bought my v star 07, 6 months ago already had cobra slip on added ,didnt run to good , alot of popping and back firing,and surging at low speed, added cobra furl managment module and k&n filter ,run great now ,also seen a mod where you drill holes in the air box to let more air in
Mojoman57 #
: 0
God, those license plates though. I feel bad for you guys.
Lucas Davis #
: 0
I just installed mine on my 07 and the video really doesn't do this slip-on justice. My motorcycle actually sounds like a motorcycle now.
redstrat1234 #
: 0
Hi profocus,
Got the 2275 installed on my xvs1300 yesterday. Thanks to your excellent tut got it on in 1/2 an hour. Brilliant mod for the xvs, only a wee bit louder which is great but more 'bassey' - make xvs sound like it should. Cheers
Steven Reyes #
: 0
Did any of you guys have to add a fuel tuner?
redstrat1234 #
: 0
Excellent vid/guide. Just bought same bike. Will be buying the Cobra shortly. Cheers
Paul Gregroy #
: 0
Thanks Bro, ive just got xvs1300 aswel, and at some stage may do the same as you.nice video.
lowell ripley #
: 0
I want to thank you for your video. I installed the Cobra slip on exhaust on my 2012 V STAR 1300 Tour this morning. Sounds like a MC should. It took me about an hour. Thanks for the help. 
Embers829 #
: 0
I've got one on my midnight star as well. i put it on last week. best buy ever!!
MultiRudek #
: 0
Heloo I also bought myself this year, Yamaha XVS 1300, and would replace the rat muffler for something louder. Very nice Cobra exhaust sound. Where did you ordered this exhaust? And the price?
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