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Please watch: Moving Sale Stock! midnight clown, palythoas, cyphastrea, Picasso clowns, hammer coral -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Awhile back Innovative Marine announced a skimmer built to fit their all-in-one systems that would be dubbed the SkimMate, and this week I finally managed to get my hands on the smaller version of the two. It came packaged in Innovatives usual, above the rest, packaging and the quality is there as well. Included with the SkimMate protein skimmer is skimmer body, skimmer cup, venturi pump, air intake/silencer and two mounting options. Assembly is a simple process of popping the parts together, and then its ready to go. As usual, Innovative Marines quality standards are high. Every part has a very finished look, and they all fit together perfectly. Even the seal between the skimmer body and collection cup was taken into account and is sealed well with an o-ring. Operation seems to be a pretty straightforward process with adjustments being done through changing the height that the SkimMate sits in the water, and the addition of a valve on the air intake makes fine tuning that much easier. I will be running this one for a while before giving my final review, but for now, enjoy some pictures of the SkimMate. Follow up video:
SkimMate Protein Skimmer From Innovative Marine Hands On
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